Every man has a little demon on his shoulder whispering in his ear. If left unmonitored and unmanaged it will manifest itself in his life, one way or another. Unfortunately, it usually manifests itself in the form of drug and alcohol abuse, sex and porn addiction, gambling, anger, and episodes of pure rage which can then lead to suicide. Everytime a man says "I'm fine", that little demon gets bigger and harder to face.

It is GET LOUD'S mission to bring light to this demon, encourage men to acknowledge that demon, and speak up to the people around him about the fight with his demon. We also want to encourage others to do the same! Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers... take a moment to check on the men in your life. A lot of men won't talk about thier struggles but, we want our merchandise to stand as an acknowledgment that even if they cant verbalize it, you see them and you see thier struggle! Give them a Get Loud hoodie or t-shirt as a gift to simply say "We see you" and make it a reminder for them of the moments they are struggling with or have been through and have come out the other side!

Too many men are losing this fight on a daily basis, GET LOUD can stand as a flag built around winning the fight, and conquering these demons. You are not alone in this. God is with you and so are we!!
We are just getting started at GET LOUD!! We want to encourage every man from all walks of life to come together and join this movement. #MENSMENTALHEALTH

If you have any questions or suggestions or want to become a part of the GET LOUD team, please reach out at customerservice@getloudusa.com or go to the Megaphone page on the website for the registration link and join the GET LOUD family!

All profits from the sale of merchandise will go towards Get Loud's mission of assisting men in crisis!!

The Black and White #MMH Collection

All-Over-Print Collection

It's time for Men to start talking to Men again!

The GET LOUD Discord is a platform for Men to speak openly and freely!